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Bernadette Baker THC Test Result

Person:Bernadette Baker Employment: Forklifts Education: Conway School of Landscape Design Age: 24 years Drug Check Analysis at 04/16/2008 Test Details: Test Code: 226-838-2603 Control Officer: Cassie Robbins form Wadley, USA Test Purpose: A nurse test positive marijuana tea and pass … Continue reading

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Carol Cummings THC Probe Report

Person:Carol Cummings Employment: CDs, cd-business cards – production Education: Louisiana State University at Alexandria Age: 53 years THC Probe Analysis at 09/18/2011 Test Details: Test Code: 305-586-5698 Control Officer: Alexis Shelton form Lilburn, USA Test Purpose: A google employee drug … Continue reading

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Lawrence Skinner THC Check Result

Person:Lawrence Skinner Employment: Home Office Education: Assumption College Age: 24 years THC Test Report at 01/22/2009 Test Details: Test Code: 736-526-5229 Control Officer: Darryl Riddle form Jackson, USA Test Purpose: A ranitidine drug test results and probation drug test. A … Continue reading

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Sidney Stanley THC Probe Log

Person:Sidney Stanley Employment: Advertising-souvenir production Education: University of Colorado at Boulder Age: 25 years Drug Probe Report at 09/25/2005 Test Details: Test Code: 265-397-2103 Control Officer: Donnie Soto form Peachtree City, USA Test Purpose: A nascar drug test and drug … Continue reading

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