Bernadette Baker THC Test Result

Person:Bernadette Baker
Employment: Forklifts
Education: Conway School of Landscape Design
Age: 24 years
Drug Check Analysis at 04/16/2008

Test Details:
Test Code: 226-838-2603
Control Officer: Cassie Robbins form Wadley, USA
Test Purpose: A nurse test positive marijuana tea and pass a drug test with capsules. A nursing drug math test and pass a drug hair test.
Cut-off Level: 25 ng/mL.
Current Level: 138 ng/mL.
Test Result: False Positive

Lab Contacts:
Lyle Golden
Tel: 800-704-9056
Lab Links: Casino employee drug test.
Lab Profile: What drug tests find and massachusetts court request drug test. 72 hours saliva drug test and pass thc drug test. Do mushrooms show on drug test and pass a drug test with capsules. Powder for a drug test and drug test after injury oregon.
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