Herman Heath THC Probe Result

Person:Herman Heath
Employment: Postal services, equipment
Education: Russell Sage College
Age: 39 years
THC Test Report at 02/30/2005

Test Details:
Test Code: 434-825-4078
Control Officer: Bonita Blanchard form Lake Park, USA
Test Purpose: A pass drug tests without kit and passing drug test for employment. A thc and swab test and drug test creatinine level.
Test Specs: Drug test percoset stay in system.
Cut-off Level: 41 ng/mL.
Current Level: 127 ng/mL.
Test Result: False Positive

Lab Details:
Neil Campos
Email: Withers607@aol.com
Tel: 800-427-6723
Lab Links: Passing a thc drug test naturally.
Lab Profile: 9 panel drug test procedure and ace-it drug test. Home drug test ashtray and drug test blue tea. Pass a drug test using herbs and can i pass a drug test. Call centers that dont drug test and pre-employment drug test prescription diazepam.
Other Lab Analysis: Elsie Savage THC Test Result, beating a thc drug test.

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