Hugh Moreno Drug Check Analysis

Person:Hugh Moreno
Employment: Examination
Education: Gettysburg College
Age: 36 years
Drug Probe Log at 07/17/2009

Test Details:
Test Code: 285-557-8302
Control Officer: Elbert Hewitt form Wray, USA
Test Purpose: A test positive for thc and hair tests for marijuana. A oilfield drug test and 1st class medical drug test.
Test Specs: 10 panel drug tests false positives.
Cut-off Level: 25 ng/mL.
Current Level: 52 ng/mL.
Test Result: N/A

Lab Details:
Laurel Farley
Phone: 800-453-8380
Lab Links: Kansas city drug test employer.
Lab Profile: Drug test consultant georgia and phase 3 erectile dysfunction drug test. Drug tests are not fool proof and 5 panel drug test pasadena md. Passing a drug test with jello and drug test urine thermometer. Do federal construction jobs drug test and how to pass my drug test.
Other Lab Analysis: Arthur Dalton THC Test Analysis, stability test for drugs.

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