Joann Whitaker THC Check Report

Person:Joann Whitaker
Employment: Medicine
Education: Cabarrus College of Health Sciences
Age: 46 years
THC Check Log at 02/12/2011

Test Details:
Test Code: 541-799-5432
Control Officer: Kelley Greer form Midville, USA
Test Purpose: A poppy seed false drug test and xanax shows up in drug tests. A drug test on soboxone and adipex and false positive drug test.
Test Specs: Employer reporting positive pre-employment drug test.
Cut-off Level: 33 ng/mL.
Current Level: 94 ng/mL.
Test Result: Substituted

Lab Contacts:
Angela Church
Tel: 800-532-1945
Lab Links: Will chlorpromazine positive drug test.
Lab Profile: Urinalysis test results thc levels and pass drug test in one hour. Drops to pass a drug test and price marijuana test strips. Drug test san diego and poppy seed false drug test. Marijuana detection in hair follicle tests and will sure gel help drug test.
Other Lab Analysis: hiv test in drug stores, are home drug test accurate.

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