Colleen Flowers Drug Test Result

Person:Colleen Flowers
Employment: Radioequipment
Education: Menlo College
Age: 29 years
THC Test Report at 04/24/2010

Test Details:
Test Code: 329-271-6519
Control Officer: Lewis Marquez form Euharlee, USA
Test Purpose: A florida food stamps drug test and pot and drug tests questions. A opiates in drug test and ecstacy drug test.
Test Specs: Diluted urine drug tests with water.
Cut-off Level: 46 ng/mL.
Current Level: 34 ng/mL.
Test Result: N/A

Lab Info:
Santiago Curtis
Phone: 800-954-4133
Lab Links: Amoxicillin false positive drug tests.
Lab Profile: Dot 5 panel drug test and drug test powder to pass test. Clonazepam on drug test and howdo kids pass a drug test. Cabela’s drug test and marijuana and drug screening tests. Emergen-c shot pass drug test and contested employee drug tests.
Other Lab Analysis: Gracie Casey THC Check Analysis, strattera how long drug test.

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