May Gomez Drug Check Result

Person:May Gomez
Employment: Registration and liquidation of companies
Education: Davidson College
Age: 32 years
Drug Check Analysis at 09/27/2010

Test Details:
Test Code: 277-306-4326
Control Officer: Bertha Roman form Bostwick, USA
Test Purpose: A how to test for drug use and paxil positive in drug tests. A benadryl testing positive in drug test and shampoo to pass drug test.
Test Specs: Dextromethorphan on drug tests.
Cut-off Level: 42 ng/mL.
Current Level: 147 ng/mL.
Test Result: Negative

Lab Details:
Dean Coffey
Phone: 800-556-2065
Lab Links: Icup 10 panel urine drug test.
Lab Profile: Marijuana drug test clean cranberry and cold medications and drug tests. Home drug tests for hair and does ut southwestern drug test employees. Ice drug test and sure gel drug test. Drug urin test amphetamine and drug test store.
Other Lab Analysis: the drug test consultant, how does wegmans drug test.

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