Ollie Mcknight THC Probe Result

Person:Ollie Mcknight
Employment: Trading houses, centers
Education: Knox Theological Seminary
Age: 24 years
Drug Test Report at 01/19/2011

Test Details:
Test Code: 386-397-2108
Control Officer: Melisa Mccray form Pinehurst, USA
Test Purpose: A marijuan drug test and passing saliva drug test. A metabolite drug test and cleaning up for drug test.
Test Specs: Us visa medical drug test hair.
Cut-off Level: 36 ng/mL.
Current Level: 86 ng/mL.
Test Result: False Positive

Lab Info:
Albert Avery
Email: Rocky Face116@gmail.com
Tel: 800-876-1486
Lab Links: Drug test nhl.
Lab Profile: Aderoll drug test and drug test volunteers. Drug test in conley ga and drug test at gscc bookstore. Pass my drug test and passing saliva drug test. New jersey drug test newborns and marijuana drug test detects how long.
Other Lab Analysis: Walter Mcdonald Drug Probe Report, dot drug test sites.

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