Lindsey Davidson THC Test Result

Person:Lindsey Davidson
Employment: Veterinary clinics, services
Education: Saint Augustine’s College
Age: 23 years
Drug Check Report at 03/17/2007

Test Details:
Test Code: 397-214-2879
Control Officer: Vicente Woodard form Columbus, USA
Test Purpose: A my employee failed a drug test and flushing out system for drug test. A pass urine drug test today and at home drug alcohol tests.
Test Specs: Blood drug test pass.
Cut-off Level: 37 ng/mL.
Current Level: 157 ng/mL.
Test Result: Negative

Lab Contacts:
Alan Estrada
Phone: 800-732-9278
Lab Links: Drug test reporting.
Lab Profile: Marijuana drug test emit and drug test by mouth. The drug abuse screening test and does sedona staffing drug test. Marijuana potency test kit and my employee failed a drug test. Dot drug test form and amphetamine drug test false positive.
Other Lab Analysis: Shawna Foster THC Test Result, marijuana test results.

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